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Name: Lavonne M.

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This place is fantastic! I moved to south bay about a year ago, I discovered this place while lost and I am blessed because of it! The tacos are perfect, you feel privileged while you devour them! Try the adobada tacos, they will enrich your life, haha. I also have to mention the delicious salsa, just lovely.

Name: Mike D.

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Awesome little taco shop, friendly staff, bangin' tacos and meats too. Exactly what I was looking for when I went in the hunt for some grub. Will def be back, 5 stars for value, service, cleanliness, and great tasting food

Name: German M.

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So I am from Tijuana so Mexican food is something that I am pretty familiar with. I can honestly say this is one of the best Mexican Food restaurants that I have ever been too. Its not that pricey for the quality of food they give you. The service is great you get your food within minutes which can be rare with Mexican restaurants. Personally I recommend the California burrito (just had that today!) and the carne asada tacos are incredible!!!!I can continue on like this with different plates I have tried but in stead of me talking and talking just go check it out! you wont be disapointed! guaranteed!

Name: Michael Zeller

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Best Adobada Tacos!

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Truly delicious taco, burritos , carne asada fries, and much, much more. Friendly staff and well served rather inexpensive. Great authentic mexican food.